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Die Studienfahrt des Fachbereichs Englisch führte unsere Hörer*innen 2016 nach Edinburgh und in die Highlands.

Erlebnisse und Eindrücke wurden in einem englischsprachigen Reisebericht festgehalten:

Day 1
Our trip to Scotland began totally different than originally planned. At 4:00 p.m. we received a message that our flight had been cancelled due to a lack of personnel. Some of our group were able to rebook to a flight the next day, but for me and my friends it was too late. There was only a flight left on Tuesday, but that would have been too late for us. So we decided to take a flight to Manchester instead at 22:10 p.m. The following 6 hours we spent at the airport, discovering every little corner and every cafe there was. Then we suddenly received the message that we can take an earlier flight. Before we could take our flight, we had to pass the security checkpoint, where they decided to check us for explosive. When we arrived in Manchester we rented a Seat Ibiza for the remaining 370 kilometres. It was very hard though to get used to the English left way traffic. And we passed a lot of waving people before we found out that we had not turned on our beam lights. We stopped at the left lane and it took us about 15 minutes to solve that problem. At 2:00 a.m. we arrived at our destination and there the lovely Agnes told us that we can’t check in and get our room before 9 a.m. So after 3 hours of sleep in the car, brushing the teeth at the airport restroom and after one cup of coffee we finally moved into our apartment from which we had a nice view over the city. Unfortunately there was not much time to rest, because our first trip was planned two hours later. We visited the ship Großbritania and learned much about it and its crew. In the evening our group came together to attend the Mercat tour through Edinburgh´s city center. We learned a lot about the history above ground and even what lies below. The guide led us into the underground catacombs with only a candle in her hands. After that we returned to our apartment and then went to the beds.

Day 2
On day two we were picked up by a shuttle bus at eight o´clock in the morning to make a journey through the Highlands of Scotland with the final destination Loch Ness. All in all we paused for duration of approximately 3 hours throughout the ride from Edinburgh to Loch Ness and back. At the second stop we tried some of the renowned Scottish food, which was delicious. After 5 hours we arrived at the destination to have a look for the infamous „Nessie“. After lunch we climbed to Edinburgh and met up with Ms. Bischoff and Mr. Schneider in the evening to have some drinks in the pubs. At 11 p.m. we moved on to a jazz club. It was a lot of fun. We drank, danced and laughed a lot. Finally at 5 o´clock we went to bed again.

Day 3
The day before our return to Berlin we visited the Glenkinchie distillery. A shuttle bus from Edinburgh took us there. There, after a friendly welcome, was a guided tour through the production facility containing information about the history of whisky, how it it’s produced and what different kinds of whiskies do exist. The highlight of the tour was the testing at the end as well as the shop. Back in Edinburgh, following our tradition we went to the Hard Rock Cafe and statisfied our appetite. Subsequently we climbed the 251 m high Arthur´s Seat to enjoy the view on its summit across the city. Afterwards we went to take some drinks in the pubs followed by a gruesome walk over a graveyard. After a little excursion we continued in the pubs to have one last drink before departure on the next day.

Day 4
Early Thursday morning we took the Airline-bus to Edinburgh city airport. Our flight was half an hour late. At 2 p.m. we arrived in Berlin. Due to our visit in Scotland we learned to love that country.

Eine von den Hörerinnen Sarah und Lisa gestaltete Präsentation findet sich hier zum Download.

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